an apology: its funny that you actually can have a PARTIAL GIFT… i can write about most things, but not about feelings, as my own are too overwhelming to be worded. I never wrote about love, real love – the furthest i’ve gone is a short story about brief cyber relationship. Could be because i am raised in a culture which doesn’t encourage expressing feelings – and more so, strongly oppresses the outward expressions of love and intimacy. I spent most of the day yesterday thinking of how to word the awe and admiration i feel for you, wonderful people, my fb friends and fellow bloggers… and all i could come up with was a digitally altered photo of my furbaby. This morning i got a beautifully worded message which themagnificentsomething addressed to his friends… and i reblogged it for you because i can make you laugh, and thanks goodness for that – but words fail me when i try saying how much you mean to me.

The Magnificent Something

Today I am not wearing matching socks. One is red; the other purple. I am sitting in the middle of London, in the arctic conditions of the park bench, under 4 layers of clothing. I am having a watery version of oolong tea, and crunching on some wafers. My gaze is fixed on the shop window across me, its heart laid bare in the middle of the window, the date of death/birth spread across it with red numbers: 14/02/2012.

I have already bought the card and gift for my partner. I wrapped them in my signature way, with more Sellotape than paper, and enough swear words in the process to make a sailor blush.

However, in my bag there are two cards; one for my partner; the other one for you.

You see, 6 months ago, I was sitting on a park bench, just like I…

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